Sifter adds extra information to the tooltips of ore and gems to help miners and jewelcrafters prospect their ore.


  • Show all results for prospecting ore
  • Lists all ore sources for gems in drop rate order
  • Item names are colored by item rarity
  • All item names are pulled from the game client, less information is stored in the addon

Item Cache

Previous versions required user interaction to ensure the local item cache was up to date after a patch. New versions (2.0 and beyond) handle this task automatically. While the cache is being updated, some items might display "Updating Cache" instead of the prospecting information. Once the updating process is complete, simply mouse-over the items again and you will see the useful information. Updating the cache takes roughly two minutes from when your character logs into the game.


Please make all bug reports and feature requests as tickets on WoWAce.

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Date created
May 20, 2009
Last updated
Nov 01, 2010