ShinyStats was inspired by a mod called StatStain, made by Nymbia in 2007.
Its goal is to make various stats of an item easy to separate from each other and make usefull stats easy to distinguish.
Perhaps you would like all stats not beneficial for your class to be greyed out, while usefull stats have various happy colors? No problem!


  • Now plays nicer with RatingBuster
  • Colors the various stats of item tooltips (including the comparison tooltip)
  • Prefixes enchants with the abbrevation "Ench:" (or corresponding in the clients language)
  • Replaces the word "and" in sockets/enchants with the separator of choice – sentences such as "+25 Agility and +15 Hit" becomes "+25 Agility, +15 Hit"
  • Configuration is done using Blizzards addon interface
  • The color of each stat can be customized to fit the needs of the user
  • The various extra features provided by the addon can be turned on/off
  • Profile support


  • /shiny or /shinystats to view command line options
  • /shiny config to view the blizzard addon interface controls for ShinyStats (recommended)
  • /shiny aceconfig to view the WowAce settings for ShinyStats (if preferred over the blizzard one)


ShinyStats breaks the display of my item's item level!
You are most likely using RatingBuster, enable "RatingBuster compatibility" in ShinyStats config or
disable RatingBuster coloring item level and appending item id.

Found a bug?
Create a ticket here and describe the issue(s) as detailed as possible.

ShinyStats currently supports the following localizations

  • enUS
  • deDE (not updated for MoP)
  • koKR (not updated for MoP)
  • frFR (not updated for MoP)
  • ruRU (not updated for MoP)

How to help

  • Feel free coming with ideas and suggestions, by posting here!
  • If you want to help localize ShinyStats, go here and get started!

Thanks to

  • Nymbia, for the idea
  • emelio, for ReforgedTooltip which helped me get started
  • next96, koKR localization
  • X-buZZ, deDE localization
  • Asteague, deDE localization
  • Pettigrow, frFR localization
  • Hetzaklek, for cheering me on
  • And everyone else supporting me and/or this project

This mod was written by someone with no previous knowledge of addon making, with a single user in mind. However seeing I wish to help others who look for such an addon, Im making it public and will try to improve it accordingly. Please bear in mind; I give no guarantees what so ever, neither for its functionality nor coming updates when something brakes.

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Date created
Nov 28, 2010
Last updated
Sep 25, 2012