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SharedMedia-Blizzard preview

Inserts some media that is already present in the game into LibSharedMedia's storage.

There are so many nice textures and graphics the World of Warcraft. Why can't you have access to some of them in your mods?

The SharedMedia library gives you a few, but there are more I thought people would enjoy using. So I put together this little addon. Included are various textures and images from the game for you to use with eePanels, as a CowTip background, etc. There is also another border (the dialog border comes in gold, too - who knew?) and some edited textures.

The Elite and Rare textures were taken from Discord Art. Loz or someone else photoshopped them out of the unit frames.

The two endcaps are only found in the game for the left side (the game flips them for your action bars). So I flipped them and included the right side versions so you can use both.

There are some listed in the core.lua file that are commented out. I didn't think they looked so well as, say, chat backgrounds, or they just looked funny when stretched/skewed a tiny bit. If you wish to use them, open up that file and delete the "--" at the beginning of the lines.

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Mar 27, 2008
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Jul 11, 2011
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