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632 - Incoming Absorb Shield ONTOP of Health Bar?

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Normal settings
2. Shield Absorbs cast
3. If player at 100%, cannot see the absorb shield (Heroic Tortos)

I dont want the bar to extend over the healthbar (ie 150%)
But i would like the Incoming Absorb shield (yellow bar) to show ONTOP of the health bar.

This mainly for Heroic Tortos in Throne of Thunder, so its visible for the healers how much their absorb shield is at.
Now on the normal setting (Show Incoming Absorbs - 100% outsibe bar limit), im not able to see how much a player can absorb when that player is at 100% health.

I know i can let it extend it past the health bar, but that would mess up my UI since group 1 & group 2 are placed next to eachother with hardly 0.5 cm in between.

Having this option tho, would make things alot easyer for healers, on all kind of fights with absorbs coming into play.

Thanks in advance,

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    Not something I plan on adding right now as it adds a bit of complexity to the absors and isn't entirely an accurate representation.

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