Shadowed Unit Frames

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English: Due to the nature of fake units, cast bars for %s are not super efficient and can take at most 0.10 seconds to notice a change in cast.
Current Simplified Chinese: 由于伪造单位的性质,  %s 的施法条不是很高效, 提示施法的变化最短只能采集到0.10秒.
Translated by haidaodou Jan 11, 2015
English: This is a good guide on how to get started with programming in Lua, while you do not need to read the entire thing it is a helpful for understanding the basics of Lua syntax and API's.
Current Simplified Chinese: 这是一个如何开始Lua编程的很好的指南, 然而你并不需要阅读整个事情, 它有助于了解Lua的语法和API的基础知识.
Translated by haidaodou Dec 03, 2013
English: WoW Programming is a good resource for finding out what difference API's do and how to call them.
Current Simplified Chinese: WoW Programming 是一个很不错的查找API运用的资源站
Translated by cyanzz May 27, 2013
English: Bars with an order higher or lower than the full size options will use the entire unit frame width.|n|nBar orders between those two numbers are shown next to the portrait.
Current Simplified Chinese: 条顺序高于或低于全尺寸选项会使用整个单位框架的宽度. |n|n条显示在两个数字之间的头像旁.
Translated by haidaodou Nov 11, 2013
English: Wondering what all of the tabs for the unit configuration mean? Here's some information:|n|n|cfffed000General:|r Portrait, range checker, combat fader, border highlighting|n|cfffed000Frame:|r Unit positioning and frame anchoring|n|cfffed000Bars:|r Health, power, empty and cast bar, and combo point configuration|n|cfffed000Widget size:|r All bar and portrait sizing and ordering options|n|cfffed000Auras:|r All aura configuration for enabling/disabling/enlarging self/etc|n|cfffed000Indicators:|r All indicator configuration|n|cfffed000Text/Tags:|r Tag management as well as text positioning and width settings.|n|n|n*** Frequently looked for options ***|n|n|cfffed000Raid frames by group|r - Unit configuration -> Raid -> Raid -> Separate raid frames|n|cfffed000Class coloring:|r Bars -> Color health by|n|cfffed000Timers on auras:|r You need OmniCC for that|n|cfffed000Showing/Hiding default buff frames:|r Hide Blizzard -> Hide buff frames|n|cfffed000Percentage HP/MP text:|r Tags/Text tab, use the [percenthp] or [percentpp] tags|n|cfffed000Hiding party based on raid|r - Unit configuration -> Party -> Party -> Hide in 6-man raid/Hide in any raid
Current Simplified Chinese: 想了解所有单位配置标签的作用?这里有些提示:|n|n|cfffed000综合:|r 头像, 范围检查, 战斗文字, 边框高亮|n|cfffed000框架:|r 单位定位和框架锚点|n|cfffed000Bars:|r 生命计量条,能量计量条,空计量条,施法条和连击点的配置|n|cfffed000组建大小:|r 所有的状态条和头像大笑以及框架排序的选项|n|cfffed000光环:|r 启用/关闭/放大自己等等的所有光环配置|n|cfffed000指示器:|r 所有的指示器配置包括PVP标识团队角色 就绪状态 和任务状态等等|n|cfffed000文本/标签:|r 标签管理以及文本定位和宽度设置.|n|n|n*** 常用选项 ***|n|n|cfffed000按组排列团队框架|r - 头像配置 -> 团队 -> 团队 -> 独立团队框架|n|cfffed000职业染色:|r 计量条 -> 着色血量按|n|cfffed000光环计时:|r 你需要OmniCC|n|cfffed000显示/隐藏默认的Buff框架:|r 隐藏暴雪默认框体 -> 隐藏Buff框体|n|cfffed000Percentage HP/MP 文字:|r 文本/标签选项, 使用 [百分比生命值] 或者 [百分比能量值] 标签|n|cfffed000在团队中隐藏小队框架|r - 头像配置 -> 小队 -> 小队 -> 在>5人团队中隐藏/任何团队中隐藏
Translated by cyanzz May 27, 2013
English: |cffff2020Warning!|r Some units have overrides set in zone configuration, and may show (or not show up) in certain zone. Regardless of the settings below.
Current Simplified Chinese: |cffff2020Warning!|r 在区域配置中有些单元的覆盖设置, 在某些区域可能显示(或不显示). 都不会受下列设置影响.
Translated by haidaodou Feb 15, 2013
English: Scale for auras that you casted or can Spellsteal, any number above 100% is bigger than default, any number below 100% is smaller than default.
Current Simplified Chinese: 缩放你释放的或可以法术偷取的光环, 任何100%以上的数值为大于默认, 任何100%以下的数值为小于默认.
Translated by haidaodou Feb 15, 2013
English: Adds a bar indicating how much time is left on your mushrooms.
Current Simplified Chinese: 增加一个条,提示你的蘑菇还有多长时间消失
Translated by haidaodou Oct 18, 2011
English: Aura borders
Current Simplified Chinese: 光环边框
Translated by haidaodou Feb 15, 2013
Previous Simplified Chinese: Buff/Debuff边框
Translated by wowuicn Oct 18, 2011
English: Currently modifying
Current Simplified Chinese: 当前修改
Translated by haidaodou Feb 15, 2013