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r2 | jack445 | 2012-07-21 11:10:48 +0000 (Sat, 21 Jul 2012) | 40 lines
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* Initial commit

* Main module (autoresponse)
- Check if player is online/exists/is same faction when attempting to send a whisper using an addon (gets added to the database right now)
- Add customizable number of possible messages that are autoresponded to, with a possibility of some having the same autoresponse message. Those should have a customizable keyword for
  the /sellruns [Keyword] [Name] type of command. Also add 'Case sensitive' option to whisper keyword(currently keywords predefined in source code)
- Add customizable autoresponse messages (currently arrays predefined in source code)
- Add an option to add an addon name tag to autoresponse message ;)
- Add an option to remove entries from the database
- Add an option to purge the database
- Add an option to turn the database logging off
- Add a version variable for future use (mostly database conversion/compabatibility check)
- Improve database syncing
- Add an option to check other players in the guild online with the addon (and UI element for it?)
- Add a configuration UI
- Add autoadvertising option?
- Add a guild sync 'New addon version' notification
- Add /sr command (remove /sellruns?)

* Database UI
- Fix scroll bar (header width change for db with less than MAX_ENTRIES entries + scroll bar functionality itself being a bit broken now)
- Fix sorting according to last whisper date and time (currently very inefficient)
- Find a better way of sending a message through this UI when customizable keywords get added (a list of keywords? if many keywords get added, list with scrollbar? limit amount of keywords?)

* Mailing module (automail with gold splitter)
- Fix invite status updating
- Add an option to clear the mailing list
- Add an option to turn the database logging off
- Add 'Include Self' button
- Add an UI element displaying possible tags to be used
- Modify the partial (currently half only) gold gain for individual players. Make it possible to specify it individually for different players
- Add an option to send a custom message to individual players when autosending mails (message of limited size, calculate if full mail doesn't exceed the maximum length of a mail message)
- Add a global guild bank gain, subtracted from the total gold split before any splitting is done
- Possibly modify the 'Guild bank should receive' message with 'gold not split' one, as not all guilds might choose to gbank the rest of the gold
- Add a list of players being taken on the boost with an option of sending a mail with information about the boost (mail defined ingame)

* Mailing Database UI
- Add it.
r1 | svn | 2012-07-19 17:10:54 +0000 (Thu, 19 Jul 2012) | 1 line
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