This module will let you destroy junk items. Before destroying anything it will pop a warning.


/som destroyWill destroy all junk items in your backpack.
/som destroy xWill destroy x junk items, where x is the number of items to destroy. It will sold the items based on their profit, the lower ones first.

Warning popup

The warning popup will be displayed before destroying anything and you have the following options:

  • Yes: Will continue with the destruction of the items.
  • Show: Shows in chat the items that will be destroyed.
  • No: Will abort the destruction of the items.


  • If you're in the middle of a dungeon, your backpack is full of junk items and you want to delete all, you type /som destroy
  • If you're farming mobs, your backpack is full and you find two items you would like to sell later, you type /som destroy 2 so you have enough space to loot those items.


Date created
Dec 19, 2010
Last updated
Aug 17, 2012