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Main Silmano Silmano Sep 02, 2016
The purpose of this mod is to help selling items in an easier way than just clicking all of them in the merchant. How to use it As simple as going near a merchant and opening his/her trade window, then you can click on the sell button (money icon). By default the addon only sells junk items (poor quality items). Options Auto sell: Allows the addon to automatically sell the items as soon as you open the merchant window, useful if you want to sell your items fast. Auto sell junk: Will only sell...
SellOMatic_Class Silmano Silmano Aug 17, 2012
SellOMatic_Class This module will let you sell items based on your character class and proficiency. Options Strict Filter: Enable it to set a strict filter on the proficiencies of your character, acording its class. Class Item Flags These are the item flags that become active acording the class proficiency. In green are the ones that become active when Strict Filter is enabled. Death Knight: daggers, fist weapons, staves, bows, crossbows, guns, thrown, wands, shields, cloth, leather Druid: 1H...
SellOMatic_Destroy Silmano Silmano Aug 17, 2012
SellOMatic_Destroy This module will let you destroy junk items. Before destroying anything it will pop a warning. Commands /som destroyWill destroy all junk items in your backpack. /som destroy xWill destroy x junk items, where x is the number of items to destroy. It will sold the items based on their profit, the lower ones first. Warning popup The warning popup will be displayed before destroying anything and you have the following options: Yes: Will continue with the destruction of the...
SellOMatic_Item Silmano Silmano Dec 27, 2010
SellOMatic_Item This module will let you sell items based in its quality or item level. Options Sell BoE: Allow selling Bind on Equip items, it only affects green quality or higher items. Sell BoP: Allow selling Bind on Pickup items, it only affects green quality or higher items. Sell white: Allow selling white quality items, it will sell all common quality (white) items in your backpack. Sell green: Allow selling green quality items, you need also to check Sell BoE or Sell BoP for this...
SellOMatic_List Silmano Silmano Aug 17, 2012
SellOMatic_List This module will let you sell or save items based on sell and save lists. It works almost as SellOMatic_Item, but instead of looking all the items in your backpack it will only look for the items in your sell and save list. List types You have two types of lists: a sell list and a save list. All the options below will be aplied to the items in those lists. Sell List: This list is used to define what you want to sell. You can add items to the sell list so if it finds them, they...
To Do Silmano Silmano Mar 04, 2011
Enhancements Modify lists anywhere, not just when near a vendor. Be able to avoid the warning of SOM_destroy. Be able to save items from being vaporized. Update sell button when you sell the items, not just when you open the merchant frame.
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