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tag 1.0
root <root@db06.curselive.local>
2010-11-15 19:06:20 +0000

Tagging as 1.0


    - Add option so that hiding of current player from the character list can be disabled if desired
    - Correct issue with tooltip not including current player's money in the total (exposed by fixing other bug where it wasn't hiding the player when it should)
    - Add option to colorize classes on the tooltip (ticket #1!)
    - Don't show yourself in the list of alts
    - First localization pass
    - Rename "l" to "private" to not be confusing with the locale (L) table
    - Increase history size to 32 days (today + 31 historical entries) for upcoming calendar mode
    - Add a forced line break to the config so the layout doesn't break with the /ace3 options window or people running Lib"Better"BlizOptions
    - Quick and dirty rename
    - Allow coin icons to be used with any display style Add "Smart" style that mimics the Blizzard display and hides empty coins Add "Short (whole numbers)" style to show only the biggest integer coinage Rework configuration to be a little cleaner:  * Turn cash flow into a single 3-way radio option rather than two exclusive toggles  * Re-arrange the dropdown menu and config dialog to be more intuitive  * Tweak the default settings to not make the tooltip so overwhelming
    - Relocate main database under a sub-key for future expansion Tag database with a version number to make db format changes easier to upgrade
    - Fix typo in character config
    - Implement Character and Guild config panes
    - Add configuration dialog Split up broker data and tooltip styles Implement other money styles
    - Split tooltip code into separate file
    - Implement tooltip Dropdown menu to toggle a few options Pretty much fully working at this point, just no config yet
    - Add pkgmeta and embeds
    - Embed LibDataBroker
    - Initial implementation of statistics collection Shows current money in broker text (only graphical mode implemented so far)
    - Start with some basic framework


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Nov 15, 2010
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  • 4.0.1
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