This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.

Provide raiding warnings to announce the count of the Swarm Scarabs spawned during the P2 of the Anub'arak encounter in ToC. The purpose of this to take the guesswork out of The Traitor King achievement. Note that there is no event when the scarabs actually spawn. So the adds must do something or have something done to them to be detected. This of course can be as simple as walking over ice. As a result the count will lag behind slightly, but in no case should it over report the number of adds up. Which is really what we're concerned with for the purpose of doing the achievement.

There is no configuration or interface to this addon. If you're not trying to do the achievement you probably just want to turn it off entirely. Only one person needs to run the addon, it does no communication nor is any necessary to have an accurate count.

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Nov 12, 2009
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Oct 26, 2010
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