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2012-9-23 Work on the configuration GUI continues and it is 50% complete. I'm trying very hard to get a beta release ready in time for MoP release.


  • Bag sections can now be minimized by clicking on the section title
  • The search box now is cleared when bags are closed.
  • Fixed some minor layout bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that with the escape key not closing the bank frame.


  • Reworked item filtering code to be more easily extended.
  • Added additional bag sections to Trade Goods.
  • Fixed bug with empty items not being hidden.
  • Added localization support for non-English clients. Anyone can contribute by adding translations.


  • Implemented new layout strategy that allows new sections to continue on the current row instead of forcing a new row to start.
  • Bags can now be minimized
  • Added a bag search box
  • Added a section just for the empty slot.
  • Fixed junk items not being filtered properly.
  • Reorganized code.
  • Did some work on the config GUI, not yet usable.


  • Fixed bag items not loading properly after logging in.
  • Added empty slot with count of free slots to player and bank bags.
  • Added blue background for bank bags.
  • Removed bar title textures.
  • Moved a lot of config constants into SackvilleOptions.lua
  • New image uploaded. I'm not really satisfied with my use of screen space and I may have a solution that will pack things more tightly while still preserving all section ordering.


  • Implemented bag ordering.
  • Added currency frame, which will later hold other controls.
  • Added gems to JC section.


  • Did some code cleanup and made it easier for me to selectively enable debugging messages


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Sep 02, 2012
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Oct 15, 2012