Change log

    - Fixed error when opening bank empty bank bags. Added Recipe section to Trade Goods.
    - Deleted some unused code
    - Bumped version to 0.5
    - Updated version to 0.5
    - Fixed a bug that with the escape key not closing the bank frame.
    - Bag sections can now be minimized
    - Broke up layout code into smaller functions. Fixed some minor layout bugs.
    - Improved search box clearing.
    - Fixed empty slot still being shown when the containing bag was minimized. The search box is now cleared when the bags are closed.
    - Fixed broken/missing locale strings.
    - Added missing locale references to locale.xml
    - Added missing translation
    - Added localization support. Added French and Spanish translations.
    - Update chat command. Fixed broken function call in the config GUI. Bumped version number to 0.3
    - Fixed bug with empty item display
    - Renamed Lua files. Reworked item filtering code to be more flexible. Added additional bag sections to Trade Goods.
    - Renamed files
    - Added search box. Added section just for the empty slot. Reorganized code. Fixed various bugs.
    - New grid-style bag layout implemented. Organized functions in Sackville.lua
    - Added bag minimization. Reorganized code.
    - Code reorganization
    - Gave highest priority to junk items
    - Fixed quality filtering bug
    - Code cleanup
    - Refactoring
    - Code cleanup
    - Moved item code out of Sackville.lua into it's own class SackvilleItem.lua
    - Updated SackvilleOptions.lua and removed dead code.
    - Code cleanup and reorganization. AceGUI config is well underway. Added customized version of AceGUI button and icon widgets.
    - Refactoring and some AceGUI experimentation
    - Updated default options for testing with AceGUI
    - default options edit
    - Fixed bugs with empty slot display Hid the dummyFrame
    - Store only item bagslot instead of the whole object
    - First push toward AceDB Moved bag section code into SackvilleSection.lua Removed back-references from items and sections
    - Removed explicit option table numbering
    - Fixed error generated when changing zones
    - Added empty slot with count of free slots to player and bank bags.
    - Added blue background for bank bags. Removed bar title textures.
    - Moved a lot of config constants into SackvilleOptions.lua
    - Fixed bag items not loading properly after logging in.
    - Added currency display frame
    - Bag displayOrder works now.
    - Moved some local functions unto SackvilleUtil.lua First try at bag sorting
    - Created SackvilleOptions.lua and moved some code from Sackville.lua Replaced Print calls with more easily controlled Debug calls. Removed some dead code and reorganized a bit.
    - Disabled some event print messages
    - Added missing external to pkgmeta Disabled AceDB init (not used currently)
    - Added missing AceGUI external
    - - Disabled print statements, to be later configured as debug calls
    - - Finished splitting off categories from bagOptions - Section display order is implemented
    - Redesigned bagOptions, splitting off rules into Sackville.categories and then referencing the category name.
    - SackvilleFilter.lua Commented out missing library (unused) Sackville.lua Added more sections to bagOptions
Joe Lazaro:
    - Removed AceGUI from .pkgmeta
    - Initial check-in


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Sep 16, 2012
Game version
  • 5.0.5
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