RaidWatch 2

How To / How To: Getting Started

Getting Started

When you first install Raid Watch 2 and start up WoW you will have to do some first time configuration. The mandatory part is to position different plugins where you want them since they are all placed in the middle of the screen as default. Reason being that everyone have different UI configurations so it is impossible to place them all in good spots that fits everyone.

The starting steps

  1. Open the configuration UI (/rw2 or via right click on the minimap icon or LDB-object)
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says "Toggle Config Mode".
    This will make all plugins to into configuration mode and display some test data and also show their anchors.
  3. Next step is to position them all where you want them. To do that, simply click and drag the anchors to wherever you want them.
  4. Finally, click the "Toggle Config Mode" button again to turn it off.

And that is the basic setup finished. Raid Watch is now ready to be used. But there is a lot more configuration possibilities, individual boss settings, the appearance and functionality of the plugins and more.

Boss Options

  1. Click the "Boss Mods" menu to the left and expand it.
  2. Then click on the zone/mod you are interested in. If the mod is not loaded yet you will get a load button to load the mod (mods are not loaded until you are inside the instance that they are used).
  3. Once the mod is loaded, just go into the individual bosses via the dropdown at the top and the menu to the left. Here you will have a list of abilities and things that are tracked for the specific boss that you can enable and disable int the leftmost column. There is also a details button to the right that will let you configure each ability a bit more, such as enabling and disabling warnings for specific roles (tank, healer, melee, caster), but also changing colors and sounds.

Plugin Options

It is recommended to enable Configuration Mode before doing any changes to the plugins, that way you can visually see every change you make

  1. Click and expand the Plugins category to the left.
  2. Click on the plugin you want to configure
  3. Then browse trough all the options and fiddle around with them to find out what all of them do. Don't worry about breaking anything. All or most of the plugins should have a reset button that lets you restore the default settings for that plugin.
    Note that all warning type plugins are grouped up under Alert Plugins.


Date created
Jul 13, 2010
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Jul 14, 2010