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How To / How To: Get DKP data in game

eqDKP Extractor

eqDKP Extractor 1.1 (binary)
eqDKP Extractor 1.1 (source)

Update: Changed from locating the wow.exe to finding the AddOns folder instead..

The program is rather simple. All it needs is the address to your guilds eqDKP's getdkp.php. Usually this is found by http://www.your-guilds-site/dkp/getdkp.php. It also require getdkp.php to be enabled on your eqDKP installation, this is done via the eqDKP+ Settings. It also needs to locate the AddOns folder (by default it will look for the path in your registry).


  1. Enter the address to your guilds getdkp.php..
  2. Set the correct path to your AddOns folder.
  3. And finally press the button "Write to File". This will make the program to download the DKP-data from the address you supplied and the write it in <your wow folder>\Interface\AddOns\RaidWatch\DKPData.lua.

Once all that is done all you need to do is reload UI in game and the new data will be loaded and shared with your guild via addon communication.

Once the program has the getdkp and wow folder set up, the next time you want to run it you can make a shortcut to it and add "auto" to the startup command and it will run silently and download data from the last address entered and place it in the folder last set.

eqDKP Extractor


Date created
Jul 04, 2010
Last updated
Aug 15, 2010