RaidWatch 2

Parameters in red are optional.

WarningShow(event, text, icon, color, sound, flash)

Shows a warning


  • text (string) The text the warning should display.
  • icon (string) Texture path to the icon to be used.
  • color (table) Color to set on the text, if no color is supplied the default color set in the Warnings plugin settings will be used. (number indexed color table).
  • sound (string) Sound file to play along with showing the warning (LSM name).
  • flash (boolean) If true a screen flash will be shown together with the warning.


RW.Callbacks:Fire("WarningShow", "RUN RUN!", [[Interface\ICONS\SomeTexture]], "Bell", true)

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Date created
Jul 19, 2010
Last updated
Aug 10, 2010