RaidWatch 2

Parameters in red are optional.

MessageShow(event, text, r, g, b, a, icon, sound, module)

Show a new message as popup


  • text (string) The text to be shown
  • r (number) Red component to the color
  • g (number) Green component to the color
  • b (number) Blue component to the color
  • a (number) Alpha component to the color
  • icon (string) Texture to be used as the icon for the message.
  • sound (string) Sound clip to play when showing the message (LSM name).
  • module (plugin|bossmod) If output to chatframe is enabled, the message will prefix the message with the given plugin/boss.


RW.Callbacks:Fire("MessageShow", "Hurry Up!", nil, nil, nil, nil, "Bell", RW:GetBoss("Freya"))

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Date created
Jul 19, 2010
Last updated
Aug 10, 2010