Rundown IV

Change log

2013-12-14  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[aeae61b60a59] [tip]
* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.9.4 for changeset d4103ab50236

[d4103ab50236] [v1.9.4]
* RundownIV.toc main.lua

Bump TOC, require latest DataStore libs.

2012-08-01  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

* .hgtags:

Tagging as 1.9.3 (internal cleanups only).

[6e03d3fb1fc1] [v1.9.3]
* .pkgmeta, AceGUIWidget-Label.lua RundownIV.toc

Remove local copy of Label widget, as Ace3 r1053 fixes the ticket.
Also transition to Mercurial.

2012-08-01  convert-repo  <convert-repo>

* .hgtags:

update tags

2012-07-27  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[971de4649fd0] [v1.9.2]
* AceGUIWidget-Label.lua RundownIV.toc main.lua

Break out totals per-item.  Work around ace3 ticket 301.

[d04585e198b1] [v1.9.1]
* main.lua

Add a totals line, and tweak the DataStore help text WRT data deletion.

2011-12-17  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[37a4eda85554] [v1.9.0]
* .pkgmeta, AceGUIContainer-InteractiveSimpleGroup.lua DS_Containers_VoidStorage.lua RundownIV.toc main.lua

Until/unless DataStore supports void storage scanning, we will do it ourselves.  Treat void as a specially-labeled bag and write data there accordingly (use an arbitrarily large number instead of a meaningful string so that Altaholic won't fail on nil errors).

2011-11-30  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[f319c41bc688] [v1.8.0]
* RundownIV.toc

TOC bump for 4.3 (DS libs still at 4.2 but working unchanged)

2011-11-03  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[8eb6bafeca02] [v1.7.0]
* RundownIV.toc main.lua

First pass update for new DataStore.

2011-08-01  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[fd687c0db234] [v1.6.2]
* main.lua

Fix broken boolean logic, was asleep when coded.

2011-06-28  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[694c2d05c6a1] [v1.6.1]
* RundownIV.toc

TOC bump for 4.2

2011-04-26  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[34184d1e078f] [v1.6]
* RundownIV.toc

TOC bump for 4.1

2011-04-17  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

* main.lua

Change behavior when redo is scheduled but user closes window.

2011-04-14  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[b67f16715480] [v1.5.5]
* main.lua

Still getting misfires at zone transitions

2011-04-06  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[83c538213ab1] [v1.5.4]
* main.lua

Initial controls to delete character/vault data.

2011-02-26  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[c2d405751b48] [v1.5.3, v1.5.3-2]
* main.lua

Trim after splitting also, tricksy tricksy macros...

* main.lua

Try to avoid GetItemInfo calls when possible.  Add multiple-term searching.

2011-02-18  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[981e400e79cb] [v1.5.2]
* main.lua

Avoid empty guild vault tabs weirdness in DS.

2011-02-13  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[259dac71f4ed] [v1.5.1]
* main.lua

Slight tweak to rescan text and delay.

2011-02-10  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[79899c2a99d7] [v1.5]
* main.lua

Try to handle nil returns from guild/realm functions (can happen just after zoning).

* RundownIV.toc locale-deDE.lua locale-enUS.lua locale-esES.lua locale-esMX.lua locale-frFR.lua locale-koKR.lua locale-ruRU.lua locale-zhCN.lua locale-zhTW.lua main.lua

And now add files for other locales.

2011-02-09  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

* .pkgmeta, RundownIV.toc locale-enUS.lua main.lua

Handle missing cache entries.  Initial hack at localization.

2011-02-01  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[00ee13cf0a9b] [beta-4, v1.4]
* AceGUIContainer-InteractiveSimpleGroup.lua RundownIV.toc main.lua

- Create an InteractiveSimpleGroup container.  Not really using its callbacks
  here, but this lets us create a texture on the container background.
- Widgets set/clear the overlay texture to effect a line-wide mouseover shading.

* main.lua

F'n guild bank slot indices, how do they work?

2011-01-30  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

* main.lua

- Make synonym slash commands optional.
- Make showing bag#/slot# optional (makes no sense for all-in-one-bag users).
- More docs, better labels.
- TODO:  col/row for guild vault instead of slot number.

2011-01-29  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[614cd23c455c] [beta-3]
* main.lua

By request, add slashcmd args to open config, and finer-grained debugging.

2011-01-28  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

* main.lua

Add option to suppress DS /played login spam.

2011-01-27  Farmbuyer of US-Kilrogg  <>

[bf5d416500f3] [beta-2]
* .pkgmeta:

add req-deps

* main.lua

Feedback on empty results, duh.


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