56 - Patch: Adding Routes config to BlizzOptions (easily done!)

Routes is the only AddOn I have that doesn't show itself in the Blizz options panel, I decided to take a look, since it was a little irksome. It's the only mod I have to use a slash command for.

Thankfully it only takes a single line of code to polish this up. And I figured since this'd be beneficial (and less confusing) to a lot of users, I'd best share. Here's the section I changed, the line I added is bracketed in [[ and ]]. Now, you already know what this does as the AddOn dev, I just think it was an oversight. Or it might be a conscious choice, but I can't imagine why it would be if that's the case.

    -- Initialize the ace options table
    LibStub("AceConfigRegistry-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable("Routes", options)

[[    self.routesOpFrame = LibStub("AceConfigDialog-3.0"):AddToBlizOptions(L["Routes"], L["Routes"])  ]]

    local f = function() LibStub("AceConfigDialog-3.0"):Open("Routes") end

    self:RegisterChatCommand(L["routes"], f)
    if L["routes"] ~= "routes" then
        self:RegisterChatCommand("routes", f)

I've pasted the whole section in there for ease of use.

And that's it.

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VagrantEsha Dec 30, 2011 at 18:47 UTC Create

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Dec 30, 2011
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