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Sep 11, 2013 Sandmahn Abandoned Required dependency
This is just a simple broker for Routes to display an icon in LDB compatible task bars like Titan Panel, that gives you fast one-click access to Routes. No intention to add more functionality. Only developed this because no broker exists and the fubar routes broker didn't work anymore with FuBar2Broker. Requires Routes addon installed. Check Routes Addon Credits for LibDataBroker components go to Tekkub and Elkano. See LibDataBroker Routes and LibDataBroker are not under Public Domain...
LibWEStaticDB Data

Library: WorldExplorer Static Database (LibWEStaticDB)

Dec 21, 2011 Zasurus Beta Tool used
This is a library of the data files used for WorldExplorer (V2). It is currently in a usable state but has only got data for Outlands and the layout will likely change several times before WorldExplorer (V2) goes to release. Feel free to contact me about this or WorldExplorer (V2). There are several reasons I moved this data to a separate library: I wanted others to be able to use it in other addons (BUT conditions apply (See the Licence)! Mainly cause I'm Vain! ;-)) I wanted to make it fully...
  • 2 reverse relationships found