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Everyone will agree that Recount is a 'must-have' addon.  However, with change in healing rotations recently to emphasize mana conservation, only two windows will give Healers a decent overview of their output: the "Healing Done", and "Overhealing Done".  This had led, unfortunately to many players spamming AOE heals and mana-expensive single-target instant heals and HOTs in order to boost their overall heals-per-second (HPS) and keep their raid topped up.  This has led to many healers finding that they are out of mana before the encounter is finished.  

I propose then a third counter: possibly named "Healing Efficiency", which would measure which healer was best able to time his or her healing spell with the group/raid member that needed it the most - effectively eliminating wasteful overheals and lost mana.  The calculation for this list would be quite simple:  subtract "Overhealing Done" from "Healing Done"  Higher numbers equate to more timely heals and efficient use of mana; lower numbers is simply spam healing.

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