750 - Spirit Shell Not Being Shown In Healing

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Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

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v5.0.4 release


When healing as a disc priest I am finding that recount is not showing heals cast as the new mechanic "Spirit Shell" in the healing done or the absorbs. This issue is leading to inaccuracy of actual healing.

Steps to Reproduce

Use a discipline specced priest, cast spirit shell and heal the group. After the 15 seconds of everyone taking damage in your spirit shell you will notice no healing on recount display.

Installed Addons

_NPCScan - _NPCScan _NPCScan.Overlay - _NPCScan.Overlay AtlasLoot Enhanced - v7.00.01 Auctionator - Version 3.0.1 Auctioneer - Auctioneer Suite 5.13.5258 Clique - v50001-1.0.1 CombustionHelper - CombustionHelper 3.2 CoolLine Cooldowns - 4.3.002 Deadly Boss Mods - 4.11.0 Deadly Boss Mods - Cataclysm mods - Cataclysm Mods r1 DrDamage - 1.9.0_release ElvUI - ElvUI Grid - HealBot Continued - IceHUD - 1.8.3 kgPanels - 1.13 Mage Nuggets - 3.03 MikScrollingBattleText - v5.7.119 Omen Threat Meter - v3.1.7 OmniCC - 5.0.1 Postal - v3.5.0 Power Auras Classic - 4.23 Prayer of Mending Tracker - Prayer of Mending Tracker 2.77 (MoP Update) Quartz - 3.1.0 Recount - v5.0.4 release ReforgeLite - v1.12 SexyCooldown - v0.7 Skada Damage Meter - 1.4-3

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  • Avatar of Starbuckorama Starbuckorama Sep 03, 2012 at 18:49 UTC - 1 like

    [114908] = 15, Spirit Shell (Priest) Rank 1

    I also have a disc priest and noticed after joining an LFR that healing was ridiculously low. It wasn't recording spirit shell. So, there's the fix.

    Open the Tracker LUA and find "absorb" and scroll down till you get to the bottom of the priesty shtuffis and enter that thar line.

    First number is spell id, = 15 I think cause it's got a 15 second duration, then name o' de spell

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