570 - Recount login crash due to non loaded font.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Have Recount load before an other addon that provides a font file via sharedMedia.
2. With the font file not being available, Recount will crash the client on login.
3. To set this up, simply login normal (having an addon that defines a rare font not loaded by Recount), then set to this Font via the Recount config.
4. Log out and edit the addon that specifies the font to have Recount as a dependency.
5. This should create a crash.

We came across this problem when LUI is loaded with GTFO installed. Because GTFO has Recount as an Optional dependency it makes Recount load before LUI. As LUI comes with several fonts, of which we assign to Recount on install, it would turn out after reload or re-log that it would cause a login crash.

Now as far as I'm aware SharedMedia upon not finding a font returns a default. It is possible to tell it not to, but I've looked through Recount's code and found that this boolean argument hasn't been passed; maybe you've been unlucky here and hit a bug of some kind.

In this unique situation LUI will probably handle this problem via our Recount font size hack. But I'd thought I'd let you know in case this issue comes up and it isn't quite easy to find the cause. As for preventing, I'm not sure what could be done rather than have a check on SharedMedia:Fetch("font")'s and check the font file for nil.


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