255 - Incorrect Absorb details

What steps will reproduce the problem?
- Just healing in a raid as disc priest will show u.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The recount was/is showing incorrect absorb values.

What version of the product are you using?

Do you have an error log of what happened?
N/A - no error occurred

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If you go into the details page where there you can see the breakdown of your shields on people, the amount that is there is not correct for your targets
I was doing Twins in toc25, where there is constant raid damage all the time. And the amount of absorb per shield was sitting at about 2k on average, and most of them were at 2k on max. This is extremely impossible since my shields absorb 8-9k on max (according to PWshield buff)
And it's not just a one-time problem, even if I look at the max absorbed on a tank, the max it absorbed for a tank was 5k, which is also impossible, since tanks definitely proc the shield fully.
I'm not sure if I am allowed to talk about the other damage meters, but I had both skada and recount on, and had a look at both the absorb meters, recount was remarkably below the absorb meter of skada.

Another problem I noticed with the absorbs and healing is when I put a shield on someone, it is meant to proc the glyph of power word shield, this does 20% of the shield amount as a heal. But if look at the amount of shields i casted, and look at the amount of times the glyph of power word shield healed, it says, I put on 322 shields, but it only picked up 83 glyph of power word shield heals. So somewhere there is a bug there.

Here is a screen shot (just in case I cant upload one)

Thanks, hope I made my point valid, and thanks for all the hard work.

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    All versions but the latest alpha (r1141) are not properly tracking partial absorbs, so that would explain why Recount was lower than Skada. Also, from that screenshot, you didn't put on 322 shields, but instead had damage absorbed 322 times by PW:S. Finally, the 83 heals picked up only shows effective healing. The other times the full Glyph of PW:S healing was probably a full overheal.

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