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Recount for Tanks

Sep 18, 2013 Xemnosyst Abandoned Required dependency
This is a plugin for Recount that adds information useful for evaluating a tank's performance. You must have Recount installed for this addon to work. It will add a mode to Recount called "Healing Required", which is the amount of healing each person took from other players. Put another way, it is the same as Healing Taken minus self healing. The lower this number, the better. Simply put, a better tank will require less healing. He or she uses cooldowns and self-healing abilities well to...


Sep 12, 2013 Maat Abandoned Required dependency
Display fails based on EnsidaFails filtering options in Recount. Requires both EnsidiaFails and Recount. Please report errors regarding fails to LibFail-2.0 ticket tracker.
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Goldpaw's gUI2 (Cata) - Recount Skin

May 14, 2012 Goldpaw Abandoned Optional dependency
What is this? This is a plugin for the gUI2 custom user interface which skins Recount to match the rest of the UI. You need to have both gUI2 and Recount installed for this to work. Neither is included in this download. Where can I learn more? You can visit the The Friendly Neighborhood Druid to stay updated with the latest news and updates regarding this and other addons.


Jun 28, 2011 Maat Abandoned Required dependency
During the Cho'gall encounter in The Bastion of Twilight you need to interrupt people but almost all crowd control effects interrupt not just the actual interrupt effects. Recount doesn't keep track of these by default. This addon will displays the data in a new Recount tab so you can pick on the people who are slacking on "interrupting". If you find that some crowd control abilities are not being tracked by the addon please report them here or commit them yourself.


Jun 25, 2010 Webiz Abandoned Required dependency
Warning New recount (wow 4.0+) do this job, so this addons is now useless for the new version of wow. Description RecountHealAndGuessedAbsorbs is a mode plugin for Recount providing Absorb data collection and healing done on the same panel. It's mainly provided to give Disc Priests and other classes who use absorbs to gauge their contribution but should be taken with a large grain of salt because this or other known methods do not work accurately and can fail under typical conditions. This...
  • 5 reverse relationships found