Change log

2011-06-19  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

[c32d6bf6cfc1] [tip]
* data.lua utils.lua

Removed debug prints and obsolete todos

* ReagentMaker.lua data.lua

Hopefuly fixed ticket #1

2011-06-15  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* ReagentMaker.lua utils.lua

Display then number of makable items instead of the number of times the recipe is craftable

* ReagentMaker.lua SecureMenu.lua

Throttle count display

2011-06-03  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.1beta1 for changeset c79ab5443ee5

[c79ab5443ee5] [v1.1beta1]
* CampFireButton.lua ReagentMaker.lua

Corrected the lua error when entering combat

2011-06-02  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Tagging as v1.1beta0

[af23986010ef] [v1.1beta0]
* CampFireButton.lua Craft.lua ReagentMaker.lua ReagentMaker.toc SecureMenu.lua utils.lua

Rewrote the main part to clarify things, should have removed some hidden nasty bugs.

* ReagentMaker.lua SecureMenu.lua data.lua utils.lua

Tradeskill in external window should now be functional

* .hgtags:

Tagging as v1.0beta13

[618163a6d970] [v1.0beta13]
* ReagentMaker.lua SecureMenu.lua data.lua utils.lua

Always show counts and bypass all filtering and searches

* ReagentMaker.lua utils.lua

Bypass the filtering. Not fully tested, but mostly works.

2011-05-31  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0beta12 for changeset 08ede537787b

[08ede537787b] [v1.0beta12]
* CampFireButton.lua

Upgrade Campfirebutton

2011-05-21  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0beta11 for changeset c8d527a9fb3a

[c8d527a9fb3a] [v1.0beta11]
* CampFireButton.lua ReagentMaker.lua SecureMenu.lua

Better manage combat and secure buttons

2011-05-20  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Tag as v1.0beta10

[060f5d0f7a35] [v1.0beta10]
* CampFireButton.lua ReagentMaker.lua

Manage correctly the Campfire button

* EnchantOnScroll.lua

Automated merge with ssh://

* EnchantOnScroll.lua


* CampFireButton.lua EnchantOnScroll.lua ProspectingData.lua ReagentMaker.lua ReagentMaker.toc data.lua localization.lua

Added a button to cast a campfire

I got a problem with newlines and merging with a non-Mercurial repository, I hope noting broke...

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0beta9 for changeset e3147b41ea9d

[e3147b41ea9d] [v1.0beta9]
* SecureMenu.lua

Correct display, tooltips and error message when there are actual tradeskill spells in the SecureMenu. Still not sure that it works with enough reagents...

2011-05-19  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0beta8 for changeset e1484cc77f01

[e1484cc77f01] [v1.0beta8]
* MillingData.lua

remove spellName

* CommonData.lua ProspectingData.lua ReagentMaker.lua ReagentMaker.toc SecureMenu.lua data.lua

Added prospecting and common data

2011-05-17  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0beta7 for changeset d2b4b378bea4

[d2b4b378bea4] [v1.0beta7]
* EnchantOnScroll.lua

Add number of scrolls on the enchant button

2011-05-15  contrebasse  <contrebasse>

* .hgtags:

Added tag v1.0beta6 for changeset 8dd86b6b76d8

[8dd86b6b76d8] [v1.0beta6]
* utils.lua

Packaging problem...


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