Change log

2011-04-04  Flick  <Flick>

[47a193207703] [tip]
* locale/enUS.lua

trivial change to force localization regen

* locale/enUS.lua

Apparently WoWAce translation engine doesn't play nicely with newlines.

* locale/deDE.lua locale/enUS.lua locale/esES.lua locale/esMX.lua locale/frFR.lua locale/koKR.lua locale/locale.xml locale/ruRU.lua locale/zhCN.lua locale/zhTW.lua

Add WoWAce localization stubs

2011-03-28  Flick  <Flick>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 1.1 beta 5 for changeset 455ef506f969

[455ef506f969] [1.1 beta 5]
* ReAction.toc

bump version 1.1 beta 5

* Editor.lua

Fix Lua error when opening global config from editor

* Button.lua StanceButton.lua VehicleExitButton.lua

Fix some errors related to re-using action IDs

* ReAction.lua StanceButton.lua

Fixed Stance/Shapeshift bar not being saved correctly across reboots

2011-03-26  Flick  <Flick>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 1.1 beta 4 for changeset 47818b3938c9

[47818b3938c9] [1.1 beta 4]
* ReAction.lua ReAction.toc

How bout we put the actual beta version in the version number.

* ActionButton.lua BagButton.lua Bar.lua Button.lua MultiCastButton.lua Overlay.lua PetActionButton.lua ReAction.xml StanceButton.lua VehicleExitButton.lua classes/ActionButton.lua classes/BagButton.lua classes/Bar.lua classes/Button.lua classes/MultiCastButton.lua classes/Overlay.lua classes/PetActionButton.lua classes/StanceButton.lua classes/VehicleExitButton.lua classes/classes.xml

No real reason to store some of the code in a subdirectory.

* Editor.lua classes/State.lua classes/classes.xml

fold state options into Editor.lua

* ReAction.lua classes/State.lua

fix silly drycoding errors

2011-03-25  Flick  <Flick>

* ReAction.lua classes/Bar.lua classes/State.lua

Move non-option stuff out of State.lua
Remove unused callbacks

* ReAction.lua classes/Bar.lua classes/State.lua

Collect table utility functions

* ReAction.xml classes/State.lua classes/classes.xml modules/State.lua modules/modules.xml

move state.lua into classes for now, removed obsolete functions

* modules/Action.lua modules/State.lua modules/modules.xml

Fold Action page state options into state.lua

2011-03-24  Flick  <Flick>

* classes/ActionButton.lua

Chase away Lua errors when clicking 4.0 flyout actions (e.g. call pet, teleport)

* Editor.lua ReAction.lua ReAction.xml classes/ActionButton.lua classes/Bar.lua modules/Action.lua modules/PetAction.lua modules/VehicleExit.lua modules/modules.xml

Demodulificate all bar options (except state options)

* classes/Button.lua

Really don't remove buttons if the current character doesn't support the spell

* classes/Button.lua

Don't blow away config for buttons the current character doesn't have yet

2011-03-22  Flick  <Flick>

* ReAction.lua classes/ActionButton.lua classes/BagButton.lua classes/Bar.lua classes/Button.lua classes/MultiCastButton.lua classes/PetActionButton.lua classes/StanceButton.lua classes/VehicleExitButton.lua modules/Action.lua modules/Bag.lua modules/PetAction.lua modules/Stance.lua modules/Totem.lua modules/VehicleExit.lua

Reworked button creation to not use goofy event driven semantics.

* modules/Stance.lua

Fix shapeshift bar only displaying form 1 N times

* Profile.lua

db version 2 (State namespace removed)

* ReAction.lua classes/ActionButton.lua classes/BagButton.lua classes/Button.lua classes/MultiCastButton.lua classes/PetActionButton.lua classes/StanceButton.lua classes/VehicleExitButton.lua

Fix button type config lookup

* ReAction.lua

Request load of LibKeyBound-1.0 for disembedded installations

* modules/State.lua

don't register state namespace now that it's not being used

2011-03-21  Flick  <Flick>

* Profile.lua modules/State.lua

pull states config out of namespace

* Options.lua Profile.lua ReAction.lua

Better handling of new profiles

2011-03-19  Flick  <Flick>

* .hgtags:

Removed tag 1.1 Beta 1


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