Known Issues and Limitations

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    Known issues and limitations

    The following issues are already known. In most cases, the issue is due to limitations in the World of Warcraft API, and can't be fixed.

    Tiny Carp isn't supported

    The WoW add-on API makes it too difficult to detect salt water versus fresh water. Therefore, at this time the Tiny Carp companions cannot be supported by Rarity.

    Darkmoon Rabbit isn't supported

    Due to limitations in the Blizzard API for add-ons, this item cannot be supported. Rarity needs to detect the boss dying (but it can't detect whether you were attacking it yourself unless there is a Statistic associated with it). Or, Rarity can detect if you looted the boss. Darkmoon Rabbit drops from a world boss that anyone can kill, but there is no statistic for it. It also uses Personal Loot, so Rarity can't detect the loot itself. All this means that while Rarity could detect that SOMEONE on the Island killed it, it doesn't know that YOU did. So this item is not supported.

    Rogue dice are not supported

    The pickpocketed rogue dice can technically be supported, but the list of NPC IDs that it drops from is insanely huge. If some user wants to compile this complete list (it will be hundreds and hundreds of mobs), I can add support. WoW does not support rules like "all humanoids in this zone". We need a list of NPC IDs. Until we have one, these items are not supported.

    Fishing detection doesn't always work

    The game doesn't give us an easy way to tell what you're fishing in. To make sure Rarity counts all your fishing pool attempts, do this: right after you cast your line, make sure to mouseover the pool of fish. Then when you loot the bobber, Rarity should count the attempt.

    Archaeology pets are not included in Rarity

    The only archaeology pet that is considered actually rare is the Crawling Claw. However, this item has a problem because it shows up in your archaeology journal as Mummified Monkey Paw. At this time, Rarity does not support archaeology detection for items whose journal name differs from the actual item name, so Crawling Claw is not available for detection.

    Completing the quest Fun For The Little Ones results in Rarity counting an Archaeology attempt

    This is a limitation in the way Rarity detects Archaeology project solutions, which is fairly awkward to do given the current API.

    LFR kills in Dragon Soul count as attempts when they shouldn't

    Killing a boss in Dragon Soul on LFR difficulty causes Rarity to detect an attempt on Normal mode. This is because Blizzard tracks LFR kills in Dragon Soul under your Statistics as a "normal" kill. This can't be fixed. However, raids in Mists of Pandaria and up implement separate statistics for LFR, so this issue does not exist in tiers above Dragon Soul.

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