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Change log

Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Sat May 8 23:46:34 2010 -0700
Added an option to disable groups per profile

Date:   Thu May 6 01:10:43 2010 -0700
Fixed reagent buying
Added materials required buying if the vendor is open

Date:   Wed May 5 18:17:28 2010 -0700
Localization update
Oh and remove debug code
Added support for the Blizzard posting APIs added in 3.3, or maybe it was 3.2, who knows

Date:   Tue Mar 23 21:38:10 2010 -0700
Oh and remove these two files I'll not need
Quick fix for post time bug from 3.3.3

Date:   Mon Feb 15 11:13:35 2010 -0800
Added QAAPI:GetData(itemLink), simple API to access scanned auction data
Author: raptium <raptium@gmail.com>

Date:   Tue Feb 9 01:39:40 2010 +0800
Add zhTW localization(partial)
Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>

Date:   Sun Jan 24 10:34:28 2010 -0800
Added /qa cancelall #g#s%c - cancels all auctions without a buyout below the entered amount (thanks Dezzimal)
- Now will wait for more mail even if not every slot can be looted. If you have 100 mail waiting, the first 20 will make your inventory too full, it will wait and keep looting the next 30 slots
- After sending mail, will wait twice as long before auto looting to make sure all events fired

Date:   Wed Jan 20 22:46:31 2010 -0800
When determining where to split items into, QA will pick the items speciality bag, glyphs will go into a scribe bag before the backpack for example
Fixed leaked global

Date:   Tue Jan 19 13:40:40 2010 -0800
Fixed a gem summary bug that would cause it to break in Russian (Thanks Kos)

Date:   Sun Jan 10 18:55:58 2010 -0800
When auto looting finishes, any pending mail that is supposed to be auto sent is sent immediately
Fixed mail rechecking not working
- After checking all mail indexes and running out, it will reset to #1 and do one more loop before exiting

Date:   Thu Jan 7 19:05:31 2010 -0800
Sped up scanning again, instead of delaying 0.50, 1.32, 1.98 seconds each time a scan fails to return data QA will soft retry and check for data every 0.10 second until 4 seconds total have elapsed. Should result in faster initial scans, but have little impact after that
- Fixed some auctions taking far too long to scan like gems when using summary
Removed unique/full error if we run out of things to loot since mail can be incremented via over means not just full/unique

Date:   Tue Jan 5 11:10:18 2010 -0800
Fixed whitelist configuration not working
Updated deDE localizatioon, thanks Rothis

Date:   Mon Jan 4 20:29:29 2010 -0800
Fixed inventory counts not showing up in the summary if there were no items in the auction house (Thanks dr_AllCOM3)
If a split failure occurs, items will no longer be queued for splitting, fixes issues if split failure occurs and you try and repost
- Moved split queue reset to split starting to fix any remaining bugs
Increased timeout on splitting to 20 seconds, as it's possible space will be freed up during the split queue due to changes in how posting works
- Reduced throttle on bag updates to 0.10s, might slightly speed up splitting, might not
Localization update
Oops! Logic is hard
Added debug code to scanning so I don't have to keep adding it back when I test things
Another change to be sure it doesn't show the players name as being undercut
Fixed width bug with general category for options
- Updated description texts to indicate prices are per item, not total


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May 09, 2010
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