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PVPScan tracks enemy activity through the combatlog, this means if you are questing, flying or just hanging out in Azreroth, and any player from opposite faction uses any skill near you, an alert is shown in your screen.

Main use:
PVPScan is designed for pvp players and can be useful in many cases:
- can protect you while questing warning about nearby enemy players.
- help track enemies while fling snitching opposite players.

Setting Up:
Use the slash command /pvpscan or click on the minimap icon to open the options panel.
- Lock or Unlock: use this to choose where you want to put the alert frame.
- Sound: what sound to play when a enemy is found.
- Ignore Areas: add a area where PVPScan won't alert about enemies. By default, the addon doesn't alert in cities, battlegrounds, arenas and sanctuaries.
- Profile: choose which profile want to use, if this, multiple characters can share the same configuration.

Flying above horde quartermaster at Shrine of the Two Moons.


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Oct 25, 2016
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