English: Reset
Current German: Zurücksetzen
Translated by Farook Oct 28, 2010
English: Reset the database
Current German: Die Datenbank zurücksetzen
Translated by Farook Oct 28, 2010
English: Reset complete.
Current German: Zurücksetzen abgeschlossen.
Translated by Farook Oct 31, 2010
Previous German: Reset fertiggestellt!
Translated by Tempelchat Oct 29, 2010
English: Recipe Tooltips
Current German: Rezept-Tooltips
Translated by Freydis88 Nov 08, 2010
English: Requires
The word Requires exactly as it appears on a recipe (eg "Requires Jewelcrafting (400)")
Current German: Benötigt
Translated by Freydis88 Nov 09, 2010
English: Recipe Options
Current German: Rezept-Optionen
Translated by Freydis88 Nov 12, 2010
English: Right Click
Current German: Rechts-Klick
Translated by oscarucb Nov 10, 2010
English: Recipe Data Options
Current German: Rezeptdaten-Optionen
Translated by Freydis88 Nov 18, 2010
English: recipes
Current German: Rezepte
Translated by Blacky101 Nov 24, 2010
Previous German: rezept
Translated by oscarucb Nov 23, 2010
English: Recipe colors
Current German: Rezeptfarbe
Translated by oscarucb Jan 03, 2011