This addon attempts to reorient the camera to be behind the character after it executes a charge, fixing what seems to be a bug in the games camera follow behavior.

The bug is that Charge style spells will not trigger a camera adjustment when the game's Camera Follow Style is set to "Only horizontal when moving" or "Only when moving." The resulting mismatch between camera angle and character facing is most noticeable when a Druid uses Wild Charge in cat form, the player will usually find themselves looking at their character from the front, but can happen with any Charge type spell.

The game will only adjust the camera if your camera follow style is set to "Always Adjust". This addon works by briefly switching the camera follow style when you charge before switching the setting back to the users preferred style.

Warrior spells supported are:

  • Charge
  • Intercept
  • Heroic Leap

Druid spells supported are:

  • Wild Charge - Bear form
  • Wild Charge - Cat form
  • Wild Charge - caster, or treant, form
  • Skull Bash - Bear form
  • Skull Bash - Cat form

Shaman spells supported are:

  • Feral Lunge

Demon Hunter spells supported are:

  • Felblade

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Date created
Jul 04, 2011
Last updated
Sep 11, 2016