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* ToggleMount will now attempt to negate or reduce fall damage using spells like Levitate or items like Golden Gliders. Because there is no macro conditional for falling, this feature will only work out of combat.
* Added Cenarion Ward, Sacred Shield and Ice Barrier as short term buffs that can be refreshed when mounting.
* Water walking mounts will now be prefered over those with an increase to swimming speed when the swimmer is at the water's surface in zones where you can't fly. Giving your Riding and Sea Turtle ranks of 0 will cause that to happen when underwater as well (except of course in Vashjir where you'll still get your Seahorse as long as you don't 0 rank that too).
* Improvements slash bug fixes to how we check for whether you're indoors or underwater.
* Added support for Shimmering Moonstone slash Moonfang mount item from Darkmoon Isle.
* Added support for summoning Riding Turtle and Sea Turtle on characters that don't yet have the Riding skill.
* Added support for the Hot Rod in Goblin starting zone.
* Hotness and New Hotness can now be enabled/disabled seperately for mounts/pets/titles.
* Typing "/pd train" on the command line will now summon a Lil' XT or Landro's Lil' XT pet, either of which will destroy a train set.
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bug fixes related to the mounts table


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