During the Heroic Professor Putricide fight in Icecrown Citadel, if you receive Unbound Plague, you will begin a 10 second countdown in /yell. The countdown looks like this:

Help me in 10 seconds!
Help me in 9 seconds!
Help me NOW!

Plagued is about 100 lines of code. It uses 8K of memory and zero CPU until you have actually pulled Putricide.

Example video:
The UI used in the video is available for download here.

AddonLoader recommended

Installing AddonLoader will cause this add-on to only load when you enter the appropriate raid zone or sub-zone.

Comments and bug reports

General comments and questions can be posted at the WowAce site. Bug reports and feature requests should be made using the ticket system.


Date created
Mar 29, 2010
Last updated
Jul 14, 2010