A few extra modules for Pitbull4.

  • ClassIcon: shows the class icon on unit frame
  • RaceIcon: shows the race icon for players and creature type icon for mobs
    • Beast
    • Dragonkin
    • Demon
    • Elemental
    • Giant
    • Undead
    • Humanoid
    • Critter
    • Mechanical
    • Totem
    • Non-combat Pet
    • Gas Cloud
    • (no icon) Not specified
    Doesn't work with koKR and esMX clients. See bellow.
  • NamePlate: a bar colored by hostility or class suitable for displaying the unit's name
  • DeadIcon: shows an icon when the unit is dead or ghost
  • DCIcon: shows an icon when the unit is offline
  • RaidRoleIcon: shows an icon when the unit is MT or MA
  • LeaderIconEx: an alternative to the original LeaderIcon module. In addition to Raid/Group Leader icon, shows also Raid Assist icon. If you use this module turn LeaderIcon off.

Help needed

I need translations for "Totem","Non-combat Pet","Not specified" and "Gas Cloud" in koKR and esMX clients. Please, PM me if you are willing to help.

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Date created
Sep 20, 2009
Last updated
Sep 28, 2009