Pets and Mounts


Change log

tag v1.5.2
Shenton <>
2013-11-12 22:28:47 +0100

Tagging as v1.5.2


    - Added a simple check when modifying buttons anchors and not docked Added re-summon, will summon another pet based on time toc version to 1.5.2
    - Added popup messages system Fixed error with adding same fav with sets Toc version to 1.5.1
    - Added zones list in use, for area sets
    - Added "Mass actions" to pets and mounts lists Fixed some copy/paste edit
    - Added an option to disable the model frame
    - Moved the huge ace config options table method to multiple ones, allowing full refresh without reloading the whole thing Added pets and mounts search on lists Removed a derp (check for empty table, on non integer indexed table, that was dumb, really) Added Curse and WowAce to credits Toc version to 1.5.0
    - Moved frames xml files to one single file
    - Reworked usable pets and mounts cache table Added copy mouseover and copy target mounts Fixed and error in zone sets mounts method
    - Removed button hide on ctrl+click Moved button lock to ctrl+click Added revoke pet to shift+click on button Added summon x category mount to shift+click on button (option selected) Fixed tooltip error on buttons Disable autopet when player call revoke, session only and reset when player call RandomPet
    - Added a user input security check when creating fav with sets, prevent duplicate
    - Added fav count to sets options
    - Added area sets
    - Added dropdowns for pets families Added multiple sets selection (ticket 10) Fixed menu model frame not showing when not displaying options root at least once Moved mount category 23 to hybrid (ticket 14)
    - Added cache reset on some actions (forgotten those, derp)
    - Added achievements to restricted mount filters Added pvp mounts bound to one character to restricted mounts
    - Added a special filter for pets with the same name (ticket 13)
    - Fixed and reworked bindings
    - Added tabbed list for companions, by families Added a way to spot easily the named companions
    - Added Shimmering Moonstone support Toc version to 1.4.5


Uploaded on
Nov 12, 2013
Game version
  • 5.4.1
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