Pet Ability List

Anyia's Pet Ability List


Anyia's Pet Ability List is an in-game reference sheet for all hunter pet family abilities (including Cataclysm families).

The pet families are grouped by their category (Ferocity, Cunning or Tenacity), each displayed on a separate tab. For each family, the Basic Attack, Special Ability, Exotic Ability (for Exotic pets) and Bonus Ability is display. Mousing over an ability brings up the tooltip, and shift-left-clicking links the ability into your chat box as with other spells and abilities.


To open up the list, simply type:
in your chat window.

There is also a key-binding available for toggling the list with. Alternatively, if you are using a DataBroker, it can be accessed from that.


  • None currently known.

If you find something else, please open a ticket to let me know. The comment notification is nowhere near as reliable as the tickets, so if you want me to see it, ticket it! :)

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Date created
Nov 02, 2010
Last updated
May 14, 2011