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Sep 15, 2016 nebula169 Release Required dependency
What this addon does This is a plugin for PassLoot that adds filters for weighted scale comparison provided by another addon. Addons currently supported Pawn Module usage Pawn This will match items based on Pawn values. You must have Pawn Installed for the pawn scale to function. You may use the word "current" to match your currently equipped item scale. Example: Match only if the item being rolled on matches the currently equipped item's pawn scale + 10. Pawn Scale -> Dps Scale1 - Greater...


Aug 28, 2012 Odlaw Abandoned Required dependency
A filter for PassLoot for AtlasLoot wish list support. Usage: - Make sure the AtlasLoot module is enabled in the modules tab of PassLoot. - Simply add this filter to any rule and select the WishList you wish to match against. - The 'All' option match all wishlists on every player. - The 'Current Player' option will match all wishlists on the current player. - If AtlasLoot is not loaded, the rule will not match.


Aug 04, 2009 Odlaw Abandoned Required dependency
This Addon is now incorporated into the main PassLoot modules since you can swap items after looting them. A filter for PassLoot to allow the automatic confirmation of Bind on Pickup Items that are being rolled on. I only created this addon for a few people who requested it. As this has the potential to get you into trouble with your raid, use great caution in using this addon. Usage: - Make sure the Confirm BoP module is enabled in the modules tab of PassLoot. - Simply add this filter to any...
  • 3 reverse relationships found