Ouro Guild Alts


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Add rank tags in these channels

Add short rank-based tags to names



Bracketed name replacement will take place in guild, officer, party, and raid chat.  All settings are per-profile except for the abbreviations used in rank tags, which are stored for each guild and configurable by all characters.

Check Ranks

Clear Guild

Clear settings for selected guild

Configuration for %s%s|r removed.  If this was your current guild, you will need to relog, /reload, or click "%s%s|r" before the change takes effect.

Due to Blizzard API limitations, a rank tag for a guildmate will only start taking effect when that guildmate is nearby and (usually) grouped with you.  To conserve memory and CPU cycles, Ouro Guild Alts intentionally makes no special efforts to work around these limitations.

During login, print statistics about the count of alts and mains detected in the guild.

ERROR: After turning off Prat modules, you will need to relog or /reload to get this addon working.

ERROR: Could not create chat hook functions, giving up.

ERROR: Repeatedly failed to retrieve guild roster, giving up.

Found %d guild members, %d of whom are labeled as alts.

General options

How and when to use them

In addition to notes, always include members whose rank includes the word '%s' in some form, and use the entire note field as their main's name.

List of alts in guild:

List of alts remaining in guild:

List of ranks for the guild to the left

Lua pattern to detect and extract |cff00ff00<NAME>|r out of the player and officer note fields (see HOWTO.txt for more).


Rank tag details

Rank Tags

Reloads the list of alts from the guild roster

Rescan Guild Roster

Stats at Login

"stats" here meaning "statistics"

Tags only when officer

The pattern must be an actual string.

The string "<NAME>" must appear exactly once in the pattern "%s", currently %s.  Close and reopen the window to try again.

This is a metric assload of text output, especially if HCD is active

Toggle debugging

Unusual options

Use rank tags

Use rank tags only when you are a guild officer ('officer' defined as being able to /ginvite)

Use this addon

What to append to names for the selected rank

Which guild to configure

  • 40 phrases found