2 - Target & ToT text handling needs improvement

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

Using the last release version of oUF (1.5.13; as mentioned in ticket #1, oUF_sb fails to work properly with the new oUF 1.6.x alphas), it has a behavior with its text that could use major improvement.

In the Target & Target of Target (ToT) frames, this shows on the health bars min/max health as well as percentage justified on the right side of the bar. Justified on the left side are the unit names. But when a unit name and/or the unit's health have large numbers of characters, the name & numbers overlap so its impossible to see the percentage remaining and/or the end of the unit name.

For example, on the both the target and/or ToT frame, you have Warmaster Blackhorn. The end of that name overlaps the health percentage coming from the right side of the bar, making it impossible to see. Which means here (and I'm sure for others), this layout isn't a viable raiding option.

oUF_Ammo, on the other hand, does things in a far better way. It automatically abbreviates the unit name on the left side when it extends into the health text area on the right. So you still have a good idea of the target name while never being unable to see the health values. Which is one of the best ways to handle this situation; it makes those frames usable in a raid situation.

ouf_p3lim (which works properly with the oUF 1.6.x alphas) does it in an even better fashion. Instead of abbreviating a long, multi-part name, it automatically moves the entire right side of the name to underneath the left side. So that you can see both the full name as well as the full heal text without missing anything.

Yes, you can relatively easily adjust the text size of frames in oUF_sb. But making the text small enough to avoid the above issue with the longest of boss/add names isn't viable; it makes the text virtually impossible to see.

So would be nice to see how oUF_sb handles names adjusted to one of the two above methods instead of how it does it now. Because this issue is a blocker here (and I'm sure for others); I simply can't use this in raids (or elsewhere) as seeing health percentage/value on targets & ToTs is often critical.

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