Change log

David Arceneaux:
    - Move all the oUF.colors overrides into the config and try to generalize the config handlers to work with arbitrary values. Provide for a .pkgmeta for Curse's packager to be happy.
    - Close the opened colors section.
    - Trying to fix the color pickers. I'm going to provide for overwriting lots more colors, so I'm getting those into the defaults while I'm working on de-derping the color pickers.
    - Bug stomping and wading through the options screens. Default values are being loaded up, but the option screens aren't showing them, since I have sub-tables in place.
    Most of the bugs were from frame elements not being present.
    - I got the powerbar to hide/health bar to get taller where applicable Start work on expanding the range of options on the config screens, the   update/saving functions weren't coded to handle an option structer deeper than 1   key/value pair, so things will be broken/working off the default values 'til I   figure out how to make something nicely general here.
    - playing lua golf in tags.lua my onupdate still isn't working, sure it's a pebkac
    - tabs to spaces conversion in options_lib provide for an extra_width slider, I'm going to stick with a fixed height, and   minimum width approach for the frames, and will rely on scaling the units; I'm   still working on the right proportions and it doesn't feel fully done yet propagate a single alpha value through most, if not all, backgrounds
    - I have a nice looking set of proportions to work from, I had to roll the name and health bar code into a sub frame, which I made a new function for.
    Try to get the slider control to respond to mousewheel events, but it's not happening so far.
    - tags.lua  make the skull icon texture a little bigger for the level raid.lua  sync the backdrop settings with the rest of the frames options.lua & options_lib.lua  further generalization work, and allow for additional units to be added without     much additional fuss   more unity between various unit config options core.lua & core_lib.lua  more sizing tweaks, with an attempt at unifying size and colors
    - move another tag into the tags file use the same font declarations between raid.lua and core_lib.lua remove all tabs and terminating whitespace
David Arceneaux:
    - make DamnUnitSounds an optional dependency fix the skull icon in the level tags.lua derp around with proportions, bar heights, backdrop settings set font objects, instead of taking what's defined by the system--may end up back at system fonts again
    - Start to reorganize options screen along the lines of the unit frames. Each will have their set of options regarding buffs, castbars, indicator icons. Simplify tags, and do spacing cleanup.
    - first steps at writing update functions for health and power bars, these will change dimensions, or hide the bars
    - rework how I anchor the bars to one another, it should help in generalizing to different layout options I may go by
    - Pull in oUF_Namebar as a dependency adjust whitespacing so it's all spaces more size/layout adjustments, on the order of tweaks--will need to pull in border textures "soon" more of the dimensions depend on variables, instead of magic numbers provide for separate numerical vs. text fonts
    - remake whitespace into my own preferred format name coloring is class-based, regardless of unit my namebar element is working at the point of not being broken, I have not tested the full range of options, but I know that unit reaction coloring isn't working as I'd hoped
    - whitespace cleanup
    - introduce text_font and num_font, use an in-game number font style, so font replacement addons will intercept both styles
    - try to get unit functions to work on the namebar, more attempts to get the health bar/power bar to resize according to whether the unit even has power, and more tweaks to the name display
    - get the resource bar section to work, still have many adjustments left on layout
    - more work by way of tweaking bar positioning
    - create a level block tweak positioning of frames
    - work done on making the target and player frames symmetrical
    - things are starting to look more xperl-ish, yet some things confoundme, like why is the name bar showing my reaction color, not the target's?
    added in a tags.lua file to handle some text displays
    - initial import
    - getting somewhere with shaping up the frames into a 3-bar setup with overlaid castbars
    need to figure out why my frame size options are bugging out, how to apply class/difficulty colors to name and level respectively, how to change the appearance of the castbar if the spell is interruptable or not
    - Initial work on adding in a separate AddName() function
    - piece out height and width for bars into their own settings variables, I have vague plans to do math with them
    - add an option to show countdowns on buffs/debuffs
    - more re-namespacing, don't want to collide with oUF_Lure in the layout department either
    - update slashcommand to reflect name change
    - re-namespace everything from oUF_Lure to oUF_DArc set fileformat to unix
    - Initial import, not much changed from oUF_Lure, but it's a start


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Dec 28, 2011
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  • 4.2.0
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