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OneCore-1.0 Kaelten Kaelten Apr 20, 2009
OneCore-1.0 provides common code used by the onebag suite BagHelpers:IsAmmoBag() Returns whether the bag is an ammo bag BagHelpers:IsProfessionBag() Returns whether the bag is a profression/trade bag BagHelpers:IsSoulBag() Returns whether the bag is a soul bag OneCore:BuildFrame() This function is responsible for creating all the children of the frame, this makes lazy creation possible OneCore:ColorManySlotBorders(bagid, color) A helper function that colors a whole bags slots borders...
OneFrame Kaelten Kaelten Apr 20, 2009
OneFrame.lua provies frame creation and handling code for OneSuite FrameHelpers:CustomizeFrame(db) Will customize a frame based on the values stored in a db table Parameters db the database table on which to base the customization. FrameHelpers:GetPosition() Gets the current positionTable of the frame, returns a string for parent FrameHelpers:SetPosition(position) Wrapper for setting of position, will also ClearAllPoints first Parameters position represents a position Usage -- Only parent is...
SimpleSort-1.0 Kaelten Kaelten Apr 15, 2009
OneSuite-SimpleSort-1.0 provides a simple sort plugin for the OneSuite setup_load_embed_and_upgrade(lib, store, pluginType, pluginName, mixins) This will setup the embed function on the library as well as upgrade any old embeds will also upgrade the store Parameters lib the library being setup store a table used to keep track of what was previously embedded, this is for upgrading. pluginType pluginName mixins a table of what needs to be mixed in
OnePlugin-1.0 Kaelten Kaelten Apr 15, 2009
'''OnePlugin-1.0''' provides a plugin framework built ontop of Ace3's Module system OnePlugin:EnablePlugin(plugin) Enables a plugin Parameters plugin OnePlugin:GetPlugin(type, name, silent) Returns an existing plugin Parameters type a valid registered plugin type name the name of this plugin, must be unique. silent whether or not to error when called. OnePlugin:IteratePluginTypes() Provides an iterator for scanning the available plugin types Return value a iterator over the name, prototype of...
OneConfig-1.0 Kaelten Kaelten Apr 07, 2009
OneConfig-1.0 provides a common config table, and framework for onebag's suite OneConfig:InitializeConfiguration() This will create the common config and pass it around for customization before installing it in blizzard options OneConfig:OpenConfig() Opens the configuration panel expanded so you see the sub options in the treeview setup_embed_and_upgrade(lib, store, mixins) This will setup the embed function on the library as well as upgrade any old embeds will also upgrade the store...
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