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2011-02-14  Bryan McLemore  <>

[e54daf8f525b] [tip]
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Added tag v1.3.5 for changeset f026b9d076bc

2011-02-13  Bryan McLemore  <>

[f026b9d076bc] [v1.3.5]
* .hgignore, OneCore-1.0/OneConfig-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/deDE.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/enUS.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/esES.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/esMX.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/frFR.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/koKR.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/ruRU.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/zhCN.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/zhTW.lua

Updating to use AceLocale-3.1

2010-10-12  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag 1.3.4 for changeset 53d2bd1dec1f

[53d2bd1dec1f] [v1.3.4]
* OneCore.toc

Updated for 4.0

2009-12-11  Bryan McLemore  <>

* OneCore-1.0/OnePlugin-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/SimpleSort-1.0.lua

Ok, fixed very odd order of execution bug properly

* OneCore-1.0/OnePlugin-1.0.lua

fix for very odd bug, well patch for it really, real fix will come later

* OneCore-1.0/OneConfig-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OnePlugin-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/SimpleSort-1.0.lua

Fixed all versions of the string "embeded" to being spelled properly. (I think upgrading should be fine too.)

Added initial versions of plugin factory support.

* OneCore-1.0/OnePlugin-1.0.lua

enforces limit checks when attempting to enable disable plugins.  Refactored an embedded storage variable, but it should be taken care of in the upgrade statement.

2009-12-10  Bryan McLemore  <>

* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OnePlugin-1.0.lua

adding support functions for enforcing active plugin limits

2009-12-08  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.3.3 for changeset 82a25b03b227

[82a25b03b227] [v1.3.3]
* .docmeta, .hgignore, .hgtags, .pkgmeta, LibStub/LibStub.lua OneCore-1.0/OneConfig-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.xml OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OnePlugin-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/SimpleSort-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/deDE.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/enUS.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/esES.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/esMX.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/frFR.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/koKR.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/load.xml OneCore-1.0/localization/ruRU.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/zhCN.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/zhTW.lua OneCore.toc wiki/Main:


2009-12-08  "Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.3.3-beta for changeset 38d3ea6f4ebe

[38d3ea6f4ebe] [v1.3.3-beta]
* OneCore.toc

toc # update

2009-08-15  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.3.2 for changeset 17fec8166a27

2009-08-09  Bryan McLemore  <>

* OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua

frame updates in the works

2009-05-19  Bryan McLemore  <>

[17fec8166a27] [v1.3.2]
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Added tag v1.3.1 for changeset e7d84792d5e6

2009-05-16  Bryan McLemore  <>

[e7d84792d5e6] [v1.3.1]
* wiki/Main:

Description Update

2009-04-25  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.3.0 for changeset b2b037445e67

2009-04-20  Bryan McLemore  <>

[b2b037445e67] [v1.3.0]
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Added tag v1.2.3-beta for changeset 4fda1b742fed

[4fda1b742fed] [v1.2.3-beta]
* OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua

fixed positioning issues with onebank

* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

fix bug that can happen if the lock even misfires

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Added tag v1.2.2-beta for changeset c87f6d019154

[c87f6d019154] [v1.2.2-beta]
* OneCore-1.0/localization/esES.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/esMX.lua OneCore-1.0/localization/zhTW.lua

fixed broken locale

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Added tag v1.2.1-beta for changeset c190149b57d8

[c190149b57d8] [v1.2.1-beta]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua OneCore-1.0/OneFrame-1.0.lua

doh, fixed bug with positioning

* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

fixed default position for onebag

* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

added some docs

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Added tag v1.2.0-beta for changeset 24f46aa7e301

[24f46aa7e301] [v1.2.0-beta]
* OneCore-1.0/OneCore-1.0.lua

added support for item locking


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