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2012-11-28  Bryan McLemore  <>

[79519e5bc58e] [tip]
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Added tag v1.3.1 for changeset 4d057b088905

[4d057b088905] [v1.3.1]
* .hgignore, .hgtags, .pkgmeta, OneChoice.toc OneChoice.xml main.lua

Update for 5.1

2012-11-04  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.3.0 for changeset 0cbc834e129e

[0cbc834e129e] [v1.3.0]
* main.lua

adding Monk support

2012-08-28  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.2.1 for changeset 38d22bdd8ae9

[38d22bdd8ae9] [v1.2.1]
* OneChoice.toc

New Toc Version for 5.0

2012-08-22  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.2.0 for changeset 1450c1f1f25d

[1450c1f1f25d] [v1.2.0]
* main.lua

* Handles shields properly for warriors, paladins, and shamans
* Should no longer error on MoP, will flesh out MoP support in the future.
* Auto selects the Most Valuable item now, this logic may get enhanced in the future, or disabled depending on feedback.

2011-11-29  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.1.5 for changeset 723fe983e323

[723fe983e323] [v1.1.5]
* OneChoice.toc

4.3 update

2011-09-19  Bryan McLemore  <>

* OneChoice.toc


2011-05-30  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.1.4 for changeset a8138bf8dabc

[a8138bf8dabc] [v1.1.4]
* OneChoice.toc

Update for 4.1

2011-02-14  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.1.3 for changeset e0265922c73a

[e0265922c73a] [v1.1.3]
* .hgignore, main.lua

I've made a fix that I think should fix the shields and off hands from getting discolored, however I've been trying to find a quest on a char that fits into that category, and have yet to.  Let me know if it works.

2011-01-09  Bryan McLemore  <>

* main.lua

a better heirloom display, i hope

* OneChoice.toc main.lua

Fixed heirloom items

2011-01-01  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.1.2 for changeset 9d9c1a66de26

[9d9c1a66de26] [v1.1.2]
* main.lua

Fixed where some unusable items would still get ilevel differentials

2010-12-31  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.1.1 for changeset d512a9a6f72f

[d512a9a6f72f] [v1.1.1]
* main.lua

remove unsupplied lib that was in place for debugging

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Added tag v1.1.0 for changeset 26a331e0fb02

[26a331e0fb02] [v1.1.0]
* main.lua

Slight tweaks to display

* main.lua

Trinkets are now universal equipment slots (will never be discolored).
Changed most valuable item display, look for the one marked with a gold "MV".
Added an ilevel differential display comparing the item your being offered and the one you're wearing.

2010-12-24  Bryan McLemore  <>

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Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset 984d2a35ae3a

[984d2a35ae3a] [v1.0.1]
* main.lua

Prevent Relics from mistakingly being marked red

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Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset cfa8212a9fee

[cfa8212a9fee] [v1.0.0]
* OneChoice.toc OneChoice.xml

Fixing libs

* .pkgmeta, OneChoice.toc main.lua

Initial Import


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