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WARRIOR_FAQ The following data is obtained from |cffffd200|r on 2nd Oct 2008 (credits to Satrina). The numbers are for a level 80.

Battle Stance ________ x 80
Berserker Stance _____ x 80
Tactical Mastery _____ x 121/142/163
Defensive Stance _____ x 207.35

Note that in our original threat estimations (that we use now in WoW 2.0), we equated 1 damage to 1 threat, and used 1.495 to represent the stance+defiance multiplier. We see that Blizzard's method is to use the multiplier without decimals, so in 2.x it would've been x149 (maybe x149.5); it is x207 (maybe 207.3) in 3.0. I expect that this is to allow the transport of integer values instead of decimal values across the Internet for efficiency. It appears that threat values are multiplied by 207.35 at the server, then rounded.

If you still want to use the 1 damage = 1 threat method, the stance modifiers are 0.8 and 2.0735, etc.

|cffffd200Threat Values  (stance modifiers apply unless otherwise noted):|r
Battle Shout _________ 78 (split)
Cleave _______________ damage + 225 (split)
Commanding Shout _____ 80 (split)
Concussion Blow ______ damage only
Damage Shield ________ damage only
Demoralising Shout ___ 63 (split)
Devastate ____________ damage + 5% of AP *** Needs re-checking for 8982 **
Dodge/Parry/Block_____ 1 (in defensive stance with Improved Defensive Stance only)
Heroic Strike ________ damage + 259
Heroic Throw _________ 1.50 x damage
Rage Gain ____________ 5 (stance modifier is not applied)
Rend _________________ damage only
Revenge ______________ damage + 121
Shield Bash __________ 36
Shield Slam __________ damage + 770
Shockwave ____________ damage only
Slam _________________ damage + 140
Spell Reflect ________ damage only (only for spells aimed at you)
Social Aggro _________ 0
Sunder Armour ________ 345 + 5%AP
Thunder Clap _________ 1.85 x damage
Vigilance ____________ 10% of target's generated threat (stance modifier is not applied)

You do not gain threat for reflecting spells targetted at allies with Improved Spell Reflect. When you reflect a spell for an ally, your ally gains the threat for the damage dealt by the reflected spell.

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