Old Instance Finder

Are you looking for people to run The Mechanar with to grind some old rep? Want to find out if anyone's running Molten Core so you can tag along for the Ragnaros achievement?

You can either do /who The Mechanar and wait for the result then do a second /who z-"Molten Core" or...

With Old Instance Finder you can run a search of a load of dungeons at the same time... Either type /OIF to get the Gui to select the dungeons or just type /oif 80 and it will search the dungeons for level 80s you can also search for ranges (/oif 65-70) or just anyone above a certain level (/oif 66+)


  • The search takes some time to process all the dungeons so don't expect all the results immediately, they'll trickle through over the course of a couple of minutes
  • If no runners are found in a specific dungeon you get no text.
  • If someone was in Molten Core and then leaves before the search can fire back results you get messages saying "There is one level 80 in Dalaran" and it looks odd because you didn't search for Dalaran

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Date created
Feb 13, 2010
Last updated
May 20, 2010