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Column Header of Dungeon Listing


Column Header, Reason for running the dungeon

Help Text Enter a number for a single level search e.g. 67
Or a range e.g. 55-70
Or anyone of a certain level or above e.g. 75+


Column Header, recommended level

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LotsHits There are lots of level %s currently in %s

LotsHitsRange There are lots of players matching your range search currently in %s 

Text when too many players are returned by search for the Who to handle, and it was a ranged search rather than level specific

MoreHits There are %s level %s's currently in %s

MoreHitsRange There are %s players of the specified range currently in %s

Text when more than 1 player is returned by the search, and it was a ranged search rather than level specific

Old Instance Finder

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OneHit There is one level %s currently in %s


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Startsearch Number of dungeons to search is %s

Usage Old Instance Finder \n Usage: /oif 80 to search for level 80s \n or /oif 70 for level 70s etc. \n /oif 65-70 for a specific range \n or /oif 63+ for anyone of that level or above

  • 21 phrases found