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Please note that NRT is no longer actively maintained by Rabbit. If you wish to take over, then you are welcome to contact me on Thank you. However, it should work with 4.0.1+. Now that is said, I have been thinking about updating it properly for Ace3 and such. After all some people still use it.

When a boss dies, you get a popup asking if you want to take raid attendance now - doing so creates a new table of all the members in your raid + people that whisper you with their mains name (who must be in the guild), and presents it to you in a copy-able text box so you can easily export it to your web DKP system.

It also tracks all epic+ quality items that are looted, when they were looted, who looted them and what mob they were looted from.

It also takes whispers from people on standy (outside the raid) during the time period specified when a boss has just died. By whispering your name, it will check the guildlist and then add you to the kill. You can also add people manually later afterwards.

It announces in guild chat when a boss dies and attendance is being taken, you can also set it to announce in a seperate channel at the same time - this is for unguilded alts that are in the channel. They can whisper their mains name to get added.

When the set time of taking attendance is over, the mod announces it.

It also features a filter that make sure certain bosses and items will not be tracked

Before anyone asks, you delete tracked raids and loot by shift + clicking them.

It's very easy to use and appears as an icon around your minimap. There's more features which you will discover very quickly. When I have more time I will update this description.


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Mar 30, 2008
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Jul 13, 2011
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