Change log

-Stopped Tamable Beasts and Default Rares from being displayed in the cache list when not being tracked.
-Added warning for users that are running the unsupported _NPCScan.Autoadd
-Removed the rare beasts that can not currently be tamed due to being level 91+ from the Tamable Alert List.

-Made rare mobs & tameable beasts tracking toggelable

-Fixed issue were the Isle of Thunder zone was not being detected correctly.

-Fixed versioning bug introduced in 5.1.1 (ticekt 11) & the test button error caused from it (ticket 12)
-Fixed "Achievements" error for characters loading the new version for the first time. (ticket 8)
-Removed raid bosses as loaded by default.

-Fixed bug that prevented default sound from being changed
-Fixed onclick bug on the Rare & Tameable mobs tabs
-Fixed bug where the test alert would play the default sound and not the currently selected one.

-Fixed bug where achievement tab title would not initially appear
-Added suppression for alerts while in flight path
-Updated achievements to include "One of Many", "Timeless Champion" & "Champions of Lei Shen"
-Updated tabs to display over multiple lines.
-Updated mob database to include most rare mobs currently in the game
-Split default rares & tamable beasts into their own tabs
-Restructured which variables are saved globally vs per character.

- Updated ToC.
- Added .pkgmeta
- Removed embedded LibStub
-Added custom search/achievement names to the alert pop-up button.
-Added �Galleon� to the default search list. Updated deDE, frFR, itIT, koKR, ruRU, and zhCN localizations. Fixed an error when logging onto new characters immediately after updating to
-Enabled achievement settings now apply to all characters, since they're now account-wide.
-Fixed an error when pressing the alert target button while in a raid.
-Doesn't interfere with hunters' Call Pet spell anymore.
-Added the �Glorious!� MoP rare achievement.
-Added itIT localization and updated frFR and zhCN localizations. Fixed a broken zhCN translations file, and updated ptBR localization. Updated frFR, koKR, ruRU, zhCN, and zhTW localizations, and added ptBR translation by Omukeka. Added new tamable rares from 4.2 as defaults for hunters. Updated koKR, ruRU, zhCN, and zhTW localizations.
-Faction-specific rares Captain Foulwind and Florence are now only defaults for the faction that can kill them.
-Tamable mobs with unknown spawning zones shouldn't always show alerts anymore.
-Alert sound volume is now controlled by the �Master Volume� slider in WoW's Sound Options window instead of the game sound effects volume slider.
-Updated frFR, ruRU, zhCN, and zhTW localizations.
-Updated the database of tamable rares. Updated and fixed non-English localizations so they will print chat messages properly.
-Added an option to print timestamps with all messages. See the main _NPCScan options pane.
-Updated 3D portraits to fit the alert popup better.
-Updated frFR, koKR, and zhTW localizations.
-Fixed an error for characters that hadn't used an updated version of _NPCScan since before  If you still experience an error on login, please reset that character's settings.-
        Updated mob name translations.
-Jadefang is now also a default custom NPC.
-Tamable rares in Uldum and Twilight Highlands should now be detected properly. Added Madexx' colors to each of his default entries.  Won't apply if you logged in using <kbd></kbd>.
-Added Cataclysm rares to defaults.  If you hadn't added them already, they will automatically appear in your custom NPCs list.
-Updated the database of tamable rares.
-Updated esES localization.
-Added a way for stable mods like HunterStableInfo to coexist with _NPCScan.  Authors, see source docs.
-Updated frFR and deDE localizations, and added esES/esMX localization by galen2.
-Updated the list of tamable rares.
-Fixed uncommon error when attempting to scroll one of the rare mob tables. The �<kbd>Unmute for alert sound</kbd>� option now also re-enables WoW's sound effects toggle. Tweaked the default UI so that only the hunter's summoned pet will get cached on login. Hunters won't see bogus found alerts on login if they have tamed or stabled rare pets.
-Updated dropdown menus for compatibility with patch 4.0.1.
-Added deDE localization by Freydis88. Updated for Cataclysm Beta. Non-tamable mobs now show found alerts again.
-Now summarizes pets cached while resting when leaving cities/inns instead of printing a line for each one.
-Cached NPCs listed when changing worlds will only be printed once per session, instead of every time you zone in and out.
-Fixed screen edge flash when mobs are found.
-Added ruRU localization from CurseForge.
-LibRareSpawns' mob screenshots should once again appear when mousing over rows in the achievement tables.
-Added frFR and koKR localizations. Fixed an error that occurred when �<kbd>Search for completed achievement NPCs</kbd>� was disabled and any achievement criteria updated.
-Scans can now be limited to worlds (continents or instances). You can customize this for custom NPCs with an edit box next to the NPC's ID; Simply type the name of the world exactly, or select a continent name from the dropdown. If left blank, the scan will stay active no matter where you are.
-Tables of rares in the Search configuration pane are now sortable by clicking their column headers.
-Default options now only add tamable custom mobs like Arcturis and Skoll for hunters. Hold <span style="font-family: monospace">shift</span> while reverting to defaults to override this.
-Added Bro'Gaz the Clanless as a default for Outlands.
-Added zhTW localization by s8095324.
-The found alert button now scales with your global UI Scale setting.-
-Removed control over RareSpawnOverlay.
-Custom NPCs are now identified by NPC ID instead of their names. Typed names are now case-sensitive.
-Alerts for humanoid rares that used to look solid white now appear properly clothed once the mob is targeted.
-The targeting button now marks the rare with a green triangle when clicked.
-Fixed an issue with horizontal scrolling in the rare mob list. Compatible with _NPCScan.Overlay <kbd></kbd>. Fixed a bug in version detection.  Arcturis should be added to player scan lists now.
-Added 3.3's new spirit beast Arcturis to default scan and tamable lists.
-Added an �<span style="font-family: monospace;">/npcscan cache</span>� command to print a message like the log-in cache warning.
-Removed the rare raptors from default settings, since they no longer drop pets.
-Removed the mostly obsolete �<span style="font-family: monospace;">Search for Tamable NPCs</span>� option.
-Now uses ZoneIDs instead of map file names to locate tamable mobs.  Consequently, The Razza now gets detected accurately in Dire Maul.
-Rewrote the screen border flash so that it should never conflict with other mods that use it.
-Achievement tabs now have more prominent checkboxes so disabled tabs will be harder to miss.
-Tamable mobs now correctly show found alerts when spotted immediately upon login.
-False found alert messages for tamable mobs now indicate why they are false alarms.
-Rare tamable mobs now only show alerts when found in their original zone.
-Added a new �<span style="font-family: monospace;">NpcOverlay_Found message</span>� to be used by _NPCScan.Overlay Classified Terror Spinner as a tamable mob. Classified Skoll as a tamable mob.
-Added new 3.2 rare spirit beast Skoll.
-Now uses AceEvent-3.0 to communicate with map overlay-type addons. Now loads properly when _NPCScan.Overlay isn't present.
-Now manages which overlays are shown by the <cite>RareSpawnOverlay</cite> and <cite>_NPCScan.Overlay</cite> addons.
-Added four rare raptor mobs that drop non-combat pets in 3.2: Dart, Takk the Leaper, Ravasaur Matriarch, and Razormaw Matriarch.
-No longer shows an alert button for tamable NPCs while resting (in an inn or city), although you will still need to clear the cache.
-Added all localized mob names for zhTW, and as many as I could find for zhCN and koKR.
-Added an �<span style="font-family: monospace;">Unmute for alert sound</span>� setting to play the alert sound even if WoW is muted.
-Added an �<span style="font-family: monospace;">Alert sound file</span>� dropdown to choose which sound to play for alerts. Additional sounds can be added using SharedMedia-type addons.
-The alert border flash now only shows when you enable �<span style="font-family: monospace;">Screen Edge Flash</span>� in the Default UI's Display Interface Options panel.
        Now continues searching for rares in 5-man dungeons. Raid dungeons, battlegrounds, and arenas will still disable scanning, however.
-Achievements to kill rares now have their own lists in the options window.
-Added slash commands to add and remove NPCs from the custom tracking list: �<span style="font-family: monospace;">/npcscan add <NpcID> <Name></span>� and �<span style="font-family: monospace;">/npcscan remove <Name></span>�
- You can now add tamable mobs to your search list and toggle them all using a �<span style="font-family: monospace;">Search for tamable NPCs</span>� setting.
-Found alerts for tamable mobs will note that they are tamable and may be false alarms.
-Added an option to suppress the �already cached� log-in alert.
-Added Gondria to the default rare list, and updated some rares that are now tamable in 3.1.


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Oct 10, 2013
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