No Sticky Whispers

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No Sticky Whispers

Don't like the way new "improved" chat system works in terms of defaulting to the last whispered person?
Sending too many messages in whisper that should have gone to /guild or /party?
Then this tiny add-on is for you! Simply enable it, and you'll have the old pre-3.3.5 patch behavior back!

Whispers are no longer "sticky", so when you press Enter you're back in /say, /guild, /party or /raid - just like the old days!

This add-on only adjusts a couple of settings during loading, after that it takes up no resources for you, unlike the full-blown chat-control add-ons.

With No Sticky Whispers you still get to keep the other stuff from the 3.3.5 chat overhaul, such as the ability to "pop out" individual whispers into their own windows, but get rid of the annoying "sticky whispers" behavior.

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Date created
Jul 02, 2010
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Oct 12, 2010
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