nivBuffs is a customizable buff/debuff display replacement for the default Blizzard frames (with right click cancelaura support).

This is an updated version of the original nivBuffs rehosted on with the permissions of Luzzifus (the original author).


  • Using SecureAuraHeaders, so you can cancel buffs via rightclick!
  • Remaining duration can be displayed as spiral texture, bar and/or text.
  • Shows stack count for buffs/debuffs with 2 or more stacks.
  • Blinking icons for buffs/debuffs that will expire soon.
  • Sorted by time, name or ID.
  • Custom icon border (change the texture if you don't like it).
  • Support for custom styling with Masque (aka ButtonFacade).
  • Differently colored borders for temporary weapon enchants and debuffs.
  • Debuff highlighting by debuff type.
  • Easily move buffs/debuffs frame around with the configuration test anchor.
  • Display customization options.

Customization options

  • Duration time format
  • Duration position
  • Duration font
  • Stack position
  • Stack font
  • Buff/Debuff icons/row
  • Buff/Debuff number of rows
  • Buff/Debuff scale
  • Buff/Debuff horizontal/vertical offset
  • Buff/Debuff horizontal/vertical row offset


/niv or /nivbuffs

To bring up the customization options. Some of the changes might require reload UI to take effect (Watch out for the red text in the options tooltip description).


You can help with translating the addon to other languages at the WoWAce localization page HERE.


Luzzifus the original author of this addon. Further credits as seen on the original wowinterface page of the addon:

  • A big "Thank You!" goes to sigg, as he posted this nice tutorial on SecureAuraHeaders in the forums.

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Date created
Jan 06, 2013
Last updated
Jan 06, 2013